Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Used/slightly damaged pouches reduced to clear!

Used or very slightly damaged pouches now only £20 in my esty shop, that's £15 less than the new pouches. These have mostly been used in a stage production in London, and so have minor signs of use on them. They are also prototypes from when I was experimenting with dye, so their finish is not as good or consistent as my new pouches. Specify whether you'd prefer stitched or rivetted front strap when ordering. Further details of these pouches are available in my shop.

All the irregularities are purely cosmetic and they are shipped in functioning condition. Here is a picture:

Medics' Pouch now available in natural undyed leather

Here are some pic of the medics' pouch available from my shop, in natural leather. Please specificy which you would prefer (dyed or undyed) when ordering from my esty shop.

Shop picture



Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Medics' Pouch

This is my latest new item. I have just completed a prototype of a medics' pouch (Cuero Sanidad Militar). These are larger than the ammunition cartuchera and have a slot inside for scissors. They will be in my shop shortly for £45, and I intend to also have an option for £50 that comes complete with bandages and scissors. This was just the prototype and the stitching isn't quite up to scratch as I was in a hurry, plus I am not 100% happy with the stamp on the front yet as I did this free hand, but here are some pictures including comparisons to an original.

Front view

Side view
Back, with view of internal scissors slot

Inside, with view of scissors slot
Beside an original

sides compared
Back compared to an original

Friday, 18 May 2012

Astra Holsters now in my Etsy shop

The Astra 400 holsters that I have been working on for the last couple of weeks are now available to order from my Etsy shop. Like all my items they are hand made to order. So if there is any alteration/customisation you would like then do not hesitate to contact me. These normally take about 2 weeks to make.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Some of my Spanish Civil War internet information sources

I thought I would post up some of my web based sources of original photos and information, that I have used for my research into Spanish Civil War Kit. The number of photo journalists in Spain combined with the significance of propaganda imagery to both sides means that there is a wealth of pictorial evidence available to researchers.

Sociedad Benéfica de Historiadores Aficionados y Creadores
This is a great site with lots of  photos of the Spanish Civil War, as well as details of some of the people that took part, the weapons and the propaganda. This site focuses on the Republican side.

La Bataille Socialiste
This Blog is my main source of info on documents and newspapers of the POUM.

Rojo y Azul- La Guerra Civil Española
This site is useful for details of things like grenades, which has been useful for designing grenade belts etc.

Vehiculos y blindados de la Guerra Civil
Lots of pics of vehicles from the Civil War.

Grupo Frente del Nalón
This Spanish Reenactment group has some good galleries of original photos Including one of female Militia.

New York Times slide show of photos by Gerda Taro
This isn't a great source, but still has a few of Gerda Taros pics from the Spanish Civil War.

The Marxist Internet Archieve.
Ok so no pictures here, but a great source for information on the POUM and other parties as well as for the International Left responce to the Spanish Civil War.

New Trunkles Leaflet

I have designed a leaflet with some of my and Helen's products on it to be distributed at events and to customers. It is by no means a comprehensive list of everthing we have to offer, but gives an idea of some of out bits and pieces. Feel free to print it off (It's double sided and folds into four in a zig-zag with the 'trunkles' logo as the cover), all the items listed are available in the Esty shop also.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

More Leather bits

Well the prototype holster is now on it's way to the USA to be fitted to an Astra 400 pistol. So I am looking for my next project and what to add to my expanding repertoire of Spanish Civil War kit. If you have any suggestions for commissions or just items from the Spanish Civil war that need reproducing then please comment on this post or send me a message.

These are the items that I have thought up that I intend to make over the next week or two.

Lafitte grenade leather pouches
These are similar in style to the ammunition pouches that I already make and sell through my esty shop, but are obviously a very different shape and designed for the Lafitte hand grenade. They were originally designed before the civil war, were used and made by both sides during the war, and can be seen in photos of the International Brigades and Militia.
In black
In brown, and a slightly different pattern

Bayonet Frogs (Tahali)
These are of a simple design and intended for the Spanish Mauser m93 bayonet. 

Medical Pouches (Sanidad Militar Cartera)
These look like large versions of the cartuchera ammuniton pouches, however they also differ in that they do not have Y-strap 'D' rings. They also have stitched to the inside a loop for holding scissors. When for sale I intend to offer these both empty and filled with scissors bandages and other peiod medical supplies.